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Contax Partners has been gathering and delivering Middle East market intelligence for over 30 years to support company corporate strategies and business development. Today, through our extensive information of projects and a team of dedicated researchers and analysts, we are transforming information and data into actionable knowledge and insights that drive decision making.

Gain a unique advantage over your competitors through superior market insights

Our consultants have real time access to the most comprehensive breadth of information,data for over 5,000 energy and energy related projects across the MENA region which value in excess of US$2 trillion.

Analytic tools which enable our consulting team to perform the following:

  • Market Capex and Workload – Overall market Capex report and analysis of workload including peaks and troughs
  • Tiering Analysis – Segregation of projects based on likelihood of proceeding
  • Market Forecast – Future project activity by country and sector
  • Award and Execution Schedule – Schedule of awards of different contracts and specific project action plans and timelines
  • Contractor Performance – Bid-Win ratio and contractor workload assessment

Benefits to your business

Rely on quality data that can be trusted – The quality and integrity of our data is of utmost priority to us. All data gathered goes through a rigorous series of checks and validations before it is released for use by our analytics team. We are fortunate to have an extensive list of close contacts that can be trusted and have on-ground presence in order to provide the most reliable data in the market.

Minimized risk of decision making through provision of customized information – Our market analysis team will customize the information that you require in a detailed and structured report that will help you make better informed decisions for your business.


Check out the latest quarterly Capex report


Contax Partners tracks and forecast project activity by various sectors and regions 

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Since our establishment in 1985, Contax Partners has been the advisor of choice for companies operating within the constantly evolving Middle East, Russia and Africa energy sector. Having operated in the energy market for over 30 years, we have a track record of empowering our clients to win business. Contax Partners is well placed to understand the challenges, and what impact these can have on your growth plans for the Middle East, Russia and Africa. 

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