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Contax Partners is a global consulting firm with a strong focus on the Middle East and African energy markets.Through our Business Advisory division, Contax Partners specializes in providing world-class strategic and commercial solutions across the energy value chain. We strive to provide practical solutions that yield lasting and profitable results.

What makes the consulting practice at Contax Partners unique is the vast knowledge-base and expertise our teams have developed over the last three decades. A rich wealth of in-house market intelligence is supplanted by the strong relationships that we have cultivated over time. We empower our clients to fully understand, adapt and thrive in an increasingly crowded and competitive energy market.

Setting the right strategy and making informed decisions early remains critical for project owners, contractors and vendors alike. This is why we closely align our clients' ambitions with our own incentives, ensuring that we pressure ourselves to deliver quality that surpasses expectations. Be it a upstream oil & gas contracting strategy in Saudi Arabia, a petrochemical due diligence process in Qatar, field execution strategies in Iraq or insights from the virgin liquefied natural gas sector of Mozambique, Contax Partners continues to evolve with the ever-changing global energy landscape. Our evolution from being grounded in research into a dedicated fact-based consulting firm is what has allowed us to continually deliver success stories for our clients.


  • Market Analysis – Trends, dynamics and drivers of the market and its implications to project owners
  • Project Feasibility Study – Factors that affect the overall viability of the project
  • Project Contracting Strategy – Most appropriate contracting strategies in order to develop win-win scenario
  • Prequalification Support – Identify and develop key evaluation criteria in order to short list contractors
  • Project Benchmarking – Analyse best practice project execution features in order to support world class project development
  • Project Risk Assessment – Assess market related risks associated with projects
  • Demand/Supply Analysis – Current market situation in relation to key construction commodities and services (e.g. steel, cement, Highly Consumable Goods (HCGs), Long Lead Items (LLIs), heavy equipment, labor etc.)
  • Contractor Benchmarking – “Competency Fit for Purpose” and “Ability to Execute” benchmarking methodologies to identify the best suited EPC contractors to execute the project
  • Contractor/Subcontractor Due Diligence – Identify contractor/ subcontractor strengths/weaknesses in terms of capability, existing commitments, reputation on previous projects and access to labor and suppliers. Conduct thorough due diligence on contractors to understand any financial risk or capability risk that they may pose to a project
  • Labor Rates and Productivity – Track labor rate movements by discipline and the impact of project activity on productivity levels


  • Country operating procedures and documentation requirement
  • Entry and execution strategies to gain market share
  • Market intelligence and helping to size the market
  • Customer procurement habits
  • Competitive landscape and strategies
  • Partner identification, due diligence, introduction and negotiation
  • Physical office setup and recruitment
  • Organisational structure and definition of world class processes
  • Opportunity identification and business development support
  • Competency building to generate sustainable long-term success and competitive advantage

Whether your company is a project owner, contractor, supplier or a service provider that is looking to expand its existing Middle East or Africa portfolio or seeking to enter the region for the first time, Contax Partners offers solutions that are highly customized and altogether practical. Our track record as a trusted advisor to the energy industry remains second to none. This is reflected in the repeat consulting requests, timely execution of projects and high profitability that clients have achieved with our support.



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