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End-to-End Service Offering

Contax Partners has a unique business model that incorporates a holistic approach, keeping in mind the overall client requirements. While most advisory firms fall short on seeing through on their strategy or having any skin in the game, Contax Partners’ business mode of providing an “end-to-end” business solution ensures that the company stays with the client till the mutual end objective is achieved.

While the end-to-end service offering is applicable to most companies operating within the energy industry, it is especially beneficial to companies such as equipment suppliers and contractors looking for additional support post the research and advisory services. Through our company’s dedicated research, advisory and business development teams, the client is able to access varied pools of knowledge and service expertise to maximize the company’s potential and opportunities available within the market.



Our Consulting practice is the central pillar of Contax Partners; end-to-end service offering. The division which initially started from the company's market intelligence and research arm has now become central to the company's brand recognition and service offering. Business Advisory Consulting services focus on four main areas:

  • Project Life Cycle Support
  • Market Entry and Growth Advisory
  • Contract Management Services
  • Design and Engineering Services


With billions of dollars' worth of energy projects taking place within the Middle East and African energy markets on an annual basis, project owners and contractors face several risks related to availability of resources (construction commodities, sub-contractors, human capital etc.) and execution strategies that would ensure projects are completed within the agreed timeline and budget. Contax Partners helps project owners and contractors mitigate the impact of these risks by providing in-depth tailored research, risk mitigation advice and critical decision making support for successful project execution.


MARKET ENTRY AND GROWTH ADVISORY Contax has developed an unparalleled reputation of helping companies enter and thrive within the competitive regional energy market. Using its widely recognized market intelligence platform, knowledge across various industry verticals and key relations with a variety of business experts, Contax Partners is able to provide a full-range of advisory services for companies looking to enter or grow in this market. On a case to case basis, Contax Partners may support the company on business development initiatives through agency or pure business development arrangements.

In addition to helping new companies enter the region, its clients typically reach out to them when they need support on their most critical growth challenges. The company has successfully been able to help clients dominate within their core businesses, identify and capture new opportunities, and consolidate their markets where appropriate.



Contax Partners is constantly evolving and enhancing its service offering to provide clients with a comprehensive end-to-end service portfolio. In order to provide a one stop shop for solutions within the energy market, Contax Partners has entered into a strategic partnership with KeySt1 Contract Services.

KeySt1 is renowned in Italy for providing contract management and project management services, particularly within the oil and gas, chemical, power and infrastructure engineering and construction sectors.

Bringing together the expertise of both parties will provide for a combined offering that will alow Contax Partners and KeySt1 to capture new market segments. This newly formed alliance will also provide customers - such as project owners, EPCs, subcontractors, equipment suppliers and manufacturers - in the Middle East region, the benefit of a service offering which covers the entire project lifecycle, right from project conceptualization to plant commissioning.

Contax Partners' customers will now have access to a wider range of fully integrated services with business continuity for all phases of a project:

  • Market research, analysis and surveys
  • Contracting Strategy
  • Due Dilligence and Risk Analysis
  • Contract formation, including in a project financing environment
  • Legal and Technical Support
  • Cost Engineering
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Contract Management
  • Project Management
  • Claim and Arbitration Management



Upon the acquisition of Capex Engineering, a specialized Switzerland based provider of niche engineering, design and project management services to the refinery and petrochemical sectors, Contax Partners is better equipped to provide high-quality technical engineering services to major project owners and contractors within Euorpe and Asia.

With a commitment to provide a wide range of services, Contax Partners caters to the overall requirements of its clients by offering technical services and profit improvement proven techniques that complement its core specialization in market and risk based consulting studies



In special cases, Contax Partners’ Business Investment division takes an owner/advisor role by helping innovative technology related companies penetrate and grow in new markets by providing advisory and business development services for pre-determined sweat equity.

Through this model, the BI service line has established a proven track record of empowering its clients achieve successful partnership creation in the MENA market. Contax Partners is committed to actively identifying new and innovative technologies worldwide, and enabling their successful launch and rollout within the region, working closely with patent rights owners, financial institutions and local partners as they grow into profitable ventures.

Typical Services on offer to innovative companies looking to enter and/or grow regional presence include:

  • Identification of strategic partners and assessment of strategic and organizational fit
  • Partnership negotiation support and courtship
  • Assistance in fund raising through equity and debt markets
  • Assistance with company registration, business sponsorship, management agreement and visa application
  • Initial administrative support (introduction to banks, recruitment firms, government formalities etc.)
  • Recruitment and Logistical support
  • Joint Venture maintenance and on-going operational support



Contax Partners has a division of its business which is dedicated to energy project investment/development and petroleum products trading. This division has highly diversified global interests across a variety of areas including oil and gas, both upstream and downstream, and large-scale project financing.

Contax Partners has the ability to invest in projects and assist in financing and trading. Key associations with principal suppliers, bankers and technology and service providers strengthen our aspirations and resources to enable deal structuring and high performance.

Our company is based on solid financial resources and experienced personnel, which translates into our strength to be quick and successful in our ventures. The directors and the board members have long standing experience across the region, who bring with them the management expertise and corporate culture to enable Contax Partners to function at the highest level.



Contax Partners is managed by a team of specialized and experienced professionals comprising of project advisors and operational experts. Our senior management professionals are some of the best in the business of project financing and development. We value our clients' interests by supporting their long term economic growth social stability, prosperity and aiding them to progress in their markets, which in turn sustains our relationship and business.

Managing our resources and business opportunities with experienced personnel is our forte. Our dynamic team is committed to delivering excellent quality and timely services by supporting clients and fulfilling their product and project requirements. For over 30 years, Contax Partners has been associated with companies who are executing hydrocarbon exploration, refinery construction, EPC contracting, acquiring mineral concessions and infrastructure development projects.

Through our association with leading bankers, investment companies, project financiers and service providers, we are capable of participating in the development of large scale turnkey projects related to the following areas:

  • Exploration work on the oil and gas field concession areas
  • Building crude oil refineries from 50,000 bpd to 500,000bpd
  • Construction of storage tanks and pipelines
  • Construction of gas to liquid (GTL) and gas to ethylene (GTE) plants
  • Building gas condensation & de-condensation units, LNG plants, LNG terminals & regasification plants
  • Operation & Maintenance of refineries
  • Modernization / upgrading of existing refineries



Trading is fundamental to Contax Partners' operations. Our company has a very successful track record in trading of crude and petroleum products, which has enabled us to invest in talent and expertise in new areas to steadily diversify into a fully integrated company. Today Contax Partners is in association with major traders of crude and petroleum products worldwide. We are a reliable and strategic supplier of oil and gas products, as we take possession of the products before we commit our clients. The trade ethics and values instilled into our system have brought in long-term trust and business relationships with our clients.



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