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Market Intelligence

Over the last 30 years, Contax Partners has been gathering and delivering energy sector market intelligence to assist the corporate strategies and business development exercises of companies operating within the regional energy market. Our proprietary database, known as “Phoenix”, presently holds information for over 5,000 energy and energy related projects spanning the entire GCC, Mozambique, Iraq and Iran.

The combined value of projects in Phoenix exceeds USD 2 trillion. Phoenix is the start and the end point to the company’s business advisory and business development service lines and is supported and maintained by a team of dedicated researchers, analysts and business development professionals that use smart algorithms, data filters and special coding to transform information and data into actionable knowledge and insights.

Distinct from other publically available databases, Phoenix is used to store and analyze information that is only available to Contax Partners and therefore the company has access to a more comprehensive set of data and project information that can be used in order to present a far more accurate picture of current and future projects than is otherwise available in the market.

While most public databases use press releases, corporate communication and general industry insiders to gather information, Contax Partners’ unique business model allows us to compile and corroborate information from various sources within an organization including: business development team, proposal and procurement teams, senior management, corporate communication departments and other industry insiders.

In addition, during the course of execution of the companies’ projects, various touch points are engaged within the market that feed Phoenix with a range of valuable information. This includes leads and relevant details that serve the company’s ongoing and future assignments.

Contax Partners uses Phoenix to store and analyze information in several distinct ways, which includes the following:

  • Market Capex - Overall market Capex report summarizing past project activity and forecast of project activity by various sectors and regions
  • Workload Analysis - Analysis of manpower requirements by project, by contractor, by country, and by sector. by identifying peaks and troughs in the market
  • Tiering Analysis - Segregation of projects that have a high likelihood of going ahead based on the economic situation and market knowledge
  • Award and Execution Schedule - Schedule of awards of different contracts and specific project action plans, timelines and budget
  • Contractor Performance - Bid-Win ratio and contractor workload assessment


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